The Classic Caramel Latte

The Classic Caramel Latte

Making iced coffee at home is great for so many reasons! First, you can adjust the caramel richness to your own tastes. Second, you can save money—iced coffee from a café or your local Starbucks can really add up!

This 2 minute iced coffee couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is strong brewed coffee, caramel syrup, cream, and ice cubes. Just stir everything together, and voilà!

When you need a caffeine buzz with a sweet caramel twist, this caramel iced coffee is the way to go!


  • Caramel Syrup – Adds a rich caramel taste to the iced coffee, which also sweetens it.
  • Cold Coffee – You’ll need chilled brewed coffee or your favorite cold brew to add caffeine and rich coffee flavor.
  • Ice – Cools the coffee to make it cold and refreshing.
  • Half and Half – Adds a creamy richness to the caramel iced coffee. You can also use heavy cream or whole milk.

Which Caramel Syrup to Use? 

You can use any caramel syrup you want. I like Ghirardelli but also have Smuckers at hand always to also top ice cream! Torani Syrups are also great to add to your drinks but they are more like liquid flavoring and less like actual caramel.

OR you can make your own syrup, try this one here. It's a maple caramel and vanilla sauce - SO easy to make at home!


  • Prepare the coffee: Brew your favorite coffee or use store-bought cold brew. Make sure it’s chilled or at room temperature before making this coffee drink.
  • Sweeten the coffee: Add a homemade sauce or a store bought sauce into a glass. You can also drizzle the caramel on the side of the glass first for a beautiful aesthetic. Add the coffee and stir until fully combined.
  • Add ice and cream: Pour the ice into the glass, then top it with your desired amount of cream.
  • Taste and adjust: Try a sip of the coffee and adjust the amount of caramel sauce or cream to your desired taste. Enjoy!

Ta-da! Happy sipping.

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