Specialty Grade Coffee

All of our coffee is specialty grade, meaning that it is among the highest quality coffee sourced around the world. This has many benefits that go beyond just a delicious cup in the morning.

Specialty grade coffee is always hand picked when ripe and undergoes many manual stages to ensure consistency and quality in every bag. Specialty coffee thus goes for a much higher price and is the most profitable coffee for local farmers. Many big companies have developed machines that try and pick the coffee at a much faster rate, however they end up picking unripe coffee and cause local farmers to have to compete with lower cost alternatives.

Specialty grade coffee ensures that the farmers we rely on receive a higher quality of life. Another benefit to our coffee is that it is fair trade and organic. Many local farming practices going back thousands of years still remain at the forefront of coffee farming and continues to provide a sustainable and ethical way to produce quality coffee.

Sustainable Initiatives

Small Batch

All of our coffee is small batch roasted to order. This helps us reduce waste and maintain the freshest roasts possible.

Family Farms

We are proud to work with family owned farms to source all of our coffee. This allows us to give back to the local communities that we rely on for our delicious cups of coffee.

Organic and Fair Trade

Our coffee meets the highest ethical and environmental standards across the world. Many of the farms we work with still use practices that date back thousands of years, maintaining a low environmental footprint and a sustainable suppy of great coffee.

Freshly Roasted

Our coffee is roasted the day it ships. This not only provides the freshest cup possible but allows us to reduce excess waste in production.