We're so happy you're here!

We're Josh and Heather, the founders of Sunny Coffee Co. We started this Christian coffee company shortly after we got married when we realized how impactful cups of coffee shared with loved ones truly was in our college years. We would often go to coffee shops for study dates or just to catch up with friends. But, in every encounter there was something beautiful happening.

It's more than just a drink.

Over this simple drink it's deepened our relationship with Christ, grown friendships and more. It's a glimpse of heaven, these moments shared over coffee. Our desire was to create more of these moments through great tasting coffee.

Flipping the Script.

We realize that a lot of coffee shops promote values that are against what we believe in our faith. We thought, "why is there such a strong connection between the two?" and said "this needs to change!" So many people are looking for joy, sometimes in the wrong places. Our mission is to point them towards the true joy, which comes from the Lord, and what better way to show someone than over cups of coffee. And this is why we're here.

Be the Light!

Our goal is to inspire you to be a light in this world over cups of coffee share with friends, loved ones or even strangers. Your witness to Christ's joy and creating space within your home to have those beautiful conversations that deepen friendships and renew relationships with Christ is what will bring more souls to heaven. Don't worry, we got you covered! With our great tasting coffee, recipes, faith-based content, merchandise and more you'll be equipped to share that heavenly joy over cups of coffee.

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