The BEST Christian Coffee Companies

The BEST Christian Coffee Companies

Your purchases support your beliefs. 

In recent times, there's been a growing sentiment that coffee chains may have lost some of their individuality and the original charm that made them stand out. For those seeking a coffee experience that aligns more closely with their Christian beliefs and values, these chains might not always offer the spiritual and ethical connection they desire.

Starbucks' History and Logo

One chain we all know, Starbucks, one of the world's most recognizable coffee chains, is often associated with its iconic logo—a siren, which holds a history. Though the company has achieved global success, its symbol of the siren, derived from ancient mythology, has been a subject of criticism among some religious groups due to its potential association with temptation and allure. Starbucks has also been a large proponent of the LGBTQ community, donating over a million dollars to organizations supporting the LGBTQ. They use their platform to promote pride events and regularly advertise their support through their social media platforms and storefronts. 

Despite its efforts in sustainability and ethical sourcing of coffee beans, Starbucks has faced scrutiny for its environmental impact. Critics argue that the company's widespread use of single-use cups and excessive packaging contributes to waste and pollution. While Starbucks has taken steps towards sustainability, there is still a growing concern among consumers about the overall environmental responsibility of the brand. As a result, the debate continues whether Starbucks is truly aligning with the values and beliefs of those who seek both a coffee experience that resonates with their Christian beliefs and a company committed to being eco-conscious.

Luckily, for Christians there are some alternative coffee companies that align with our beliefs and values as a religion. Those who are wanting to get their coffee fix don't have to sacrifice their values for high quality coffee. 

Check out these top 5 Christian Coffee Companies for your next coffee purchase: 

1. Sunny Coffee Co

Sunny Coffee Co

Sunny Coffee Co is a Christian Coffee Company whose mission is to bring the love of Christ to every person through their coffee bags. Sunny Coffee Co has high quality coffee and sustainably sourced coffee beans. They also give tips and tricks on how to unlock your inner barista and foster a sense of faith-based community in your own home.

This Christian Coffee Company is 100% online. They also offer coffee subscriptions which allow you to easily change the type of coffee you'll receive on a monthly or weekly basis. This allows you to be creative with the types of coffees you can try! With a coffee subscription, your coffee will be delivered to your door, so you'll never run out of coffee again! 

Sunny Coffee Co is dedicated to sharing the gospel and love of Christ to others through their ambassador program, Sunny Club which is a faith-based community of social media influencers who come together to share content to the masses. 

Sunny Coffee Co keeps Christ at the Core, that's why 10% of their profits go to Christian organizations around the world. 

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2. Seven Weeks Coffee

Seven Weeks Coffee

Seven Weeks Coffee is a Pro-life Christian Coffee Company that supports moms and unborn babies. They offer sustainably and ethically harvested coffee beans from around the world. Seven Weeks Coffee has been able to raise over 100 thousand dollars to go toward pregnancy and women's centers around the USA. 

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3. Catholic Coffee

Catholic Coffee Company

Catholic Coffee™ embraces the values of truth, goodness, beauty, and exceptional coffee, with their faith serving as a guiding force. Their commitment to excellence, akin to Our Lord Jesus Christ's approach, is evident in their meticulous roasting process that adheres to the highest standards. Utilizing only fresh, ethically-sourced beans, they take pride in handcrafting each batch, ensuring that their beautiful packaging not only enhances your home but also inspires a prayerful moment with every freshly brewed cup. Catholic Coffee™ aspires to bring a touch of the divine to your daily life, elevating spirits one cup at a time.

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4. Promised Grounds

Promised Grounds

Their mission centers around spreading His Word and providing Christian support globally. With a focus on enhancing the Christian coffee experience during both weekday mornings and Sunday worship, they seek to connect with families and church communities. 

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5. Bold3

Bold3 Coffee

BOLD3 Coffee, a 501(c)(3) Christian Nonprofit Ministry, embarked on a mission to reach every child in the world with God's Word. Inspired by Acts 1:8, they craft ethically sourced, healthy, and delicious coffee, believing that each cup carries the message of hope, truth, and love of Jesus Christ. When you choose BOLD3 Coffee, you not only enjoy a heavenly brew but also join a team of passionate believers spreading the transformative power of Jesus worldwide. Together, as BOLD ambassadors for Christ, their vision is to fill hearts across the globe with His boundless love.

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We hope these Christian Coffee Companies inspire your to make purchases that align more with your beliefs and values. God Bless! 

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