Milk and Cookies Latte

Milk and Cookies Latte

Remember leaving milk and cookies out for Santa? This is a new spin on it! Why not put milk and cookies in a latte?

Try this recipe at home! You can make it hot or iced.


  • Grab a glass jar or your favorite mug!
  • For a medium size cup pull 2 shots, you can change the amount of shots depending on how strong you like your coffee. Then, poor into your cup.
  • Get your blender ready and blend about 3/4 cup of milk and 1 whole chocolate chip cookie. 
  • Blend for about 1 minute ensuring that all the cookie crumbs are small and incorporated into the milk as much as possible.
  • Then, for a hot latte pour the milk and cookie mixture into a milk frother and froth until you reach a hot temperature.
  • For Iced, simply pour the milk and cookie mixture into the glass, stirring the espresso to mix the two together
  • Add Ice for an iced latte
  • OR add whipped cream on top of a hot latte.
  • Ta Da! Happy Sipping!

God bless!

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