Our Passion For Quality Coffee

We ensure consistency and showcase the unique characteristics of every coffee bean through our dedication to small-batch roasting.

Your Purchase Reflects Your Beliefs

Your purchase at Sunny Coffee Co goes beyond just a delicious cup of coffee – it becomes a powerful expression of your beliefs. As a Christian coffee shop, we are deeply rooted in faith and share the same values that matter to you. By choosing us, you support a business that aligns with your beliefs through and through.

Why Choose Us For Your Coffee Shop's Needs?


Our coffee is crafted with love and rooted in Christ. We understand that your purchasing decisions are an expression of your beliefs and principles. That's why we ensure that our company keeps Christ at the center.


Our coffee is roasted the same day it's shipped so your coffee shop never compromises on quality and taste.

High Quality Coffee

Our coffee beans are sourced ethically and sustainably from around the world, giving you peace of mind that that your purchase is making a difference for our planet.

Our coffee beans are carefully harvested and roasted to perfection, making every cup of coffee you sell and enjoyable experience for all.

Dedicated To Your Success

Questions? Need more coffee?

Our team is here to help your coffee shop thrive. We will guide you to select the optimal assortment for your business.

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